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Super Bowl Hour of Power Podcast

February 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Mike and Matt do one last rundown of the Super Bowl before making their picks, discuss God and tipping, cover the worst “Would You Rather’s” imaginable and of course, decide the Hot Girl-Off.

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Valentines Day – From My Perspective

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment
Beer my Valentine

Beer my Valentine


Every year at this time I am very happy. The holidays are a great time, but it is also nice to get back into normalcy. The Christmas decorations have been up in the stores since late August, and so it is nice when they are down. Everyone is heading back to work and you can actually get replies from actual people, and not their Out of Office responses. January is a new beginning for everyone. It is a time to set resolutions for the year and to make new goals. My resolution for the year is to have Boise Bar Guide become the go-to source for information about the bars in the Boise Area. (Oh yeah, and I would also like to lose 5 or 10 more pounds) My other goal is to have the “Hour of Power” podcast be ranked on iTunes. (We do not need to be ranked number 1 or even 101, but it would be nice to have some good downloads.)

However, here is my problem with January. I have just thought about, shopped for, and bought presents for the ones that I love the most; especially my wife. I always make an effort to get her something unexpected, and something that she can use. (I am sorry honey, Diamonds are not that practical. Unless you are using them to cut through the glass windows of a warehouse where we are going to steal a box of iPad’s. If that is the plan then I will get you as many Diamonds that are necessary). Anyways, I spend a lot of time getting her something that I know she would like. However, lurking behind January like a predator waiting for its prey is February…and Valentine’s day. It is not that I do not like showing the ones I love that I love them, it is that I just spent the entire holiday season showing the ones I love that I love them. Seriously, who’s idea was it to put Valentine’s day in February. I say we move it to August. Then there will be a good 8 month gap from the last time I showed my wife that I loved her and by that time, I will probably have done something to warrant chocolate, flowers, and presents (The writing of this article will surely be one of them). I like buying presents and spending time with loved ones, but we just did that! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years I have had loved ones up my a$$ for the past two months. Let’s move Valentines to August. Then the world opens up. Everyone tries to go on a date for Valentine’s day. Read more…

Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment


With the impending apocalypse predicted by the Mayans looming over us, we here at the Hour of Power decided to dedicate our famed (and admittedly copied) Top Ten List to this crucial subject. Without further ado, here is the Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends:

10. Play “hooky”. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of people on their deathbed wishing they would’ve worked less and lived life more.

9. Eat a large pizza by yourself. If the world is ending, who cares about America’s growing obesity epidemic?

8. Visit We’ve never claimed to have been above self-promotion. Read more…

Going the Distance: Keys to Doing the Hour of Power

August 8, 2012 Leave a comment

There aren’t a lot of things I would say I’m a fully-qualified expert on, I’m good at several things (as well as terrible at many things, including but not limited to: golfing, cooking, braiding hair and watching pointless television), but that “expert” status seems to allude me on almost all skills and traits. With that being said, however, I feel comfortable proclaiming myself an expert on the ability to complete the Hour of Power, thanks to nearly seven years of refining my craft.

If you’ve never heard of the Hour of Power (HoP), you most likely stumbled onto this blog by accident. HoP is a very simple drinking game with the premise of taking one shot of beer (from a shot glass) every minute, on the minute, for one hour. At first glance, this probably doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. It’s only an ounce and a half, right? Well, yes, but you’re also doing that for 60 minutes, at a consistent pace. All told, it’s 90 ounces, or 7.5 beers in one hour. Now you can start to see why it may be difficult. Luckily for you, I’m bored and felt like passing along the knowledge I’ve learned during my tenure as a host of the Hour of Power Show and frequent participant in the HoP. So without further ado, here are five tips to help you finish the Hour of Power. Read more…

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Brian’s Family Guy Drinking Rules

August 5, 2012 Leave a comment

If you’re a fan of this blog, you’ve no doubt participated in a drinking movie or two during your day. As a special duty (giggity) to the Hour of Power Show, our friend Brian has given us his rules for drinking to the television show, Family Guy.

If any of the following happens, drink once per occurrence:

  • Any time Peter has a flashback.
  • If Stewie attempts to kill Lois or threatens to do so.
  • Meg is made fun of.
  • Brian does or promotes marijuana.
  • Brian does stereotypical dog things.
  • Quagmire says giggity.
  • Joe gets amped about something.
  • Bonnie or Loretta appear in a scene.

Drink five times every time these things happen: Read more…

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