Mike and Matt present the Hour of Power Blog

For those of you who don’t know the reasoning behind this blog, let us enlighten you. In 2008, while in college, we decided it would be fun to do a radio show on our college’s online radio station. We named it “The Hour of Power,” not because we are religious zealots who also use the same moniker, but in reference to the drinking game (one shot of beer every minute for sixty minutes). Yes, we actually did the Hour of Power while doing the show.

So what was the show about? In short, anything that came into our testosterone-overloaded brains. Usually half the show was dedicated to sports and events that occurred in them. We’d spend time picking on stupid people (think America’s Dumbest Criminals), hot girls (annually conducting a “hot girl-off”), drinking, cars, anything that men usually consider themselves experts at.

So why the website? After college, we were allowed to continue the show as alumni for one year, but decided we were running close to the “creepy alumni” status, so we pursued other options, landing us on Usteam. We continued to do Ustream for roughly 18 months when Matt left the friendly confines of Boise for greener pastures in Portland. We tried to do occasional shows using the technology available to us, but unfortunately, it proved to be more difficult that we enjoyed. So in lieu of regular shows, we’ve created this blog to help us voice our obviously right opinions on anything and everything.

What should I expect? Most likely, something crude, possibly misogynistic, chalk-full of testosterone and probably overcompensating for some of life’s “short” comings. We’ll try to do our best to give you an even balance of humor, knowledge and enjoyment. If we fail, well, we’ll place the blame on you for trusting us in the first place…honestly, what were you thinking?

I know a lot about a lot, can I help? Well, not if you actually speak and write like that, but if you feel you’re expert in something that would fit into the theme of the blog, be it beer, cars, sports, movies, television, let us know (If you say you’re an expert about women, we’ll automatically assume you’re compensating more than us and will post your email on the blog along with some slanderous bit about your Oedipus complex). You can get a hold of us at hourofpowershow@gmail.com

Thanks for reading,

Mike and Matt

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