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Ridley’s Rankings Week 10 – Three’s Company

October 30, 2013 Leave a comment

Week 10 Rankings are up!

The Sports Accountant

Last week, we saw Florida State take a decisive lead in the Rankings (yes, I’m pretentious enough to capitalize my own rankings) after routing rival Clemson in Death Valley. The win gave the Seminoles two straight victories over ranked opponents by a combined margin of 114-14. These accomplishments easily outweighed those of Alabama and Oregon, who, at the time, had faced two ranked teams total, winning those contests by a combined 28 points. Although formidable, the feats of these two were easily trumped by the Seminoles. Of course, the caveat was there is still a lot of football to be played, with the meat of both schedules coming up.

On Saturday, Oregon began a slate of what could be three ranked teams in four games (Arizona will undoubtedly be rank if they win their next three contests), beginning with the 12th-ranked UCLA Bruins at home. As I predicted in…

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Ridley’s Rankings Week 9: Clemson Crushed

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Imagine that, Clemson did “Clemson-like” things…

The Sports Accountant

Out of deference to the Seminole tribe and their people, I’ll refrain from making any puns involving the name of the Florida State mascot, but know this: it is hard. There’s too many superlatives to throw around after FSU absolutely throttled Clemson in a battle for ACC supremacy. For those keeping track, that’s two straight games the Seminoles have played a ranked opponent. The tally of those two games, Florida State: 114, Opponents: 14. If there’s any argument against Florida State belonging in the national championship picture (at this time), you won’t find it in these rankings.

Last week, I mentioned that the winner of the ACC clash would likely find themselves in the running with Alabama and Oregon. What I failed to foresee was the absolute wood-shed beating that FSU would lay upon Clemson. To go on the road and beat the third-ranked team in the land by 37…

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Ridley’s Rankings, Week 8: Ducks Fly Together

October 14, 2013 Leave a comment

The Ducks are looking scary after flying past the Huskies (sorry for the pun).

The Sports Accountant

If you listened to this week’s Simply Awesome Sports podcast, you heard Matthew question me on my ranking of the Oregon Ducks (fifth at the time). My explanation was that the Ducks schedule had been light so far, but their heavy lifting would begin against Washington. Should they beat the Huskies handily (which they did), they would certainly vault up the rankings and likely land in the number two spot (which they also did). Now, if only my prognostication of my own rankings would translate to my fantasy football teams, I’d really have something going.

The Ducks are this week’s big winner thanks to a 21-point trouncing of the Huskies in Washington and Stanford wetting the bed against an unranked Utah squad. They now find themselves within whispering distance of the Crimson Tide with four games remaining against teams who are either currently ranked (UCLA, Stanford) or are receiving…

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Ridley’s Rankings: Using Math to Rank NCAA Football

October 9, 2013 Leave a comment

Ridley’s Rankings are finally here!

The Sports Accountant

If you’re a follower of the Hour of Power Blog, these rankings will be old hat to you. However, if you’re new to this blog (which has been admittedly neglected the last month), here’s the run down: Over the last three years, I’ve worked on perfecting a mathematical formula to try and rank every FBS football team in America (including you, Georgia State!). This algorithm includes everything from winning percentage, strength of schedule, quality wins, narrow victories and even point differential, which is new this year. While all the stats are objective, the ways I incorporate them are not. I’ve weighted certain aspects higher than others, depending on how valuable I feel they are for judging a team’s performance to date.

These rankings, like those spit out by the BCS computers, take time to become accurate as the effect of small sample size is lessened each week. So, that…

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