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Flashback: Betting on the NFL Draft

Well, the NFL draft is now over, undrafted free agents are being signed as we speak and the three months of non-stop talk about the draft is finally over. If you stopped by the blog last Thursday, you saw we posted a column about betting on the draft, which I promised to deliver a follow up, to either brag about my imaginary riches, or sulk in my misery of being fictionally poor. So, let’s recap, shall we?

Who will be the second overall pick of the draft?

Eric Fisher (-200)
Dion Jordan (+175)
Geno Smith (+750)
Luke Joeckel (+1500)

Pick: Joeckel (15,000 Jerjonesies)

Result: Joeckel for 225,000 Jerjonesies!

My hunch paid off as Fisher became the first pick and the Jags gladly swept in to take Joeckel. If I go .500 the rest of the way, I’ll reach my goal of 200,000 Jerjonesies.

The following bets will be Over/Unders on the draft slot of the given player.

Geno Smith (8.5)

Pick: Over (15,000)

Result: Over (39th to the New York Jets) for 15,000.

Once Buffalo traded their pick to the Rams, you knew the over was going to hit on this one. Of course, nobody really expected Smith to fall all the way into the 39th spot, but hey, that’s why you love the draft.

Matt Barkley (37.5)

Pick: Under (15,000)

Loser: Over (98th to the Philadelphia Eagles) for -15,000.

My hunch on a run of quarterbacks going late in the first round proved to be fatally flawed. Only one quarterback, the surprising E.J. Manuel, who was drafted at the 16 spot, went before the 37th pick.

Marcus Lattimore (84.5)

Pick: Over (15,000)

Result: Over (131st to the San Francisco 49ers) for 15,000.

Perfect pick for a team overloaded with talent and draft picks. Taking a flyer on an injured running back is like a millionaire buying a lottery ticket. If it hits, it’s gravy on top, if not, you’re not really out much.

Tavon Austin (13.5)

Pick: Under (10,000)

Result: Under (8th to the St. Louis Rams) for 10,000.

Well, Austin never made it to the Jets as I thought he would, but I also didn’t see Buffalo trading out of their spot, either. Either way, I’ll take my 10,000 Jerjonesies to the bank.

Manti Te’o (25.5)

Pick: Under (15,000)

Result: Over (38th to the San Diego Chargers) for -15,000.

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Of the five teams I thought may pursue a linebacker before the 26th pick, they went OT, OG, DT, DE, CB. Wow, that was bad. At least I’m still ahead…

Tyrann Mathieu (75.5)

Pick: Over (15,000)

Result: Under (69th to the Arizona Cardinals) for -15,000.

Well, during my explanation I forgot the usual caveat of “unless you’re dealing with the Arizona Cardinals.” They have Patrick Peterson, and had already taken former LSU linebacker Kevin Minter to act as a support staff for Mathieu, apparently making him worth a third round pick.

Summary: Thanks solely in part to my hitting it big with the second pick of the draft, I ended up with 220,000 Jerjonesies won, eclipsing my goal of 200,000. Not too shabby.

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