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Where Will Darrelle Revis Land?

Carolina Panthers v New York JetsBecause the NFL is now an around-the-clock league, striving to be in the front of news constantly, we are dealt headlines that wouldn’t have existed ten years ago. One such headline involves New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis and what appears to be his imminent trade. Since we’re a lowly blog starved for page views, we’re obligated to take advantage of the fact “Darrelle Revis Trade” is circulating through Google more often that “Do male enhancement pills work?”

We’re going to exploit this fact by preparing you with a list of possible destinations for shutdown corner, using common sense and mostly ubiquitous knowledge since we have zero inside informants. Feel free to closer the browser now (we’ve already counted your page view) if you wish.

Where Revis WON’T go

San Francisco – Unless the 49ers are pulling a coup, they have almost no interest in the corner due to his high price. Not that Jim Harbaugh always stands by what he says (see Manning, Peyton), but this move doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of sense for the Niners.

Dallas – Regardless of what Matthew thinks, Dallas is a poor fit for Revis. Their new Tampa-2 defense is more predicated on the play of their safeties rather than their corners. They’re also pressed against the cap, due to them spending a lot on the secondary in 2012 for Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne. Corner is the least of the worries for my beloved ‘Boys.

New England – The Jets would be more likely to burn down their new billion-dollar stadium before they help out the Patriots. Even a straight-up trade of Brady for Revis would likely be turned down quicker than you can say “cheaters.”

Arizona – Although the Cards could have one of the best defensive backfields in the league, if not the best, with the addition of Revis, all draft picks should be used to rebuild a horrible offensive line and find something that resembles an NFL quarterback.

Seattle – As Richard Sherman would proudly tell you, corner is not a need for the Seahawks.

St. Louis – The new regime in St. Louis put a high value on draft picks, deciding they were more important than drafting RGIII. They’re not likely to shell out any to obtain Revis when they already have Cortland Finnegan and Janoris Jenkins.

Chicago – Maybe if Revis could play linebacker to replace the aging Brian Urlacher, they’d contemplate it.

Slivers of Hope

Minnesota – The Vikings were Football Outsiders‘ 24th ranked team against the pass last year and 18th against number-one receivers. Playing Calvin Johnson twice a year definitely adds incentive. With nine draft picks, they may be able to pull the trigger.

Green Bay – Looking at the Packers pass-defense as a whole can be misleading. While they ranked 11th in FO’s rankings, they were 24th against number-one receivers. And again, Calvin Johnson.

Philadelphia – If you look at the names on the roster, you would think there would be no way they would make the trade. But with Nnamdi Asomugha likely on the way out and the Eagles’ worst pass defense in the league, there’s a chance Philly uses some of eight draft picks, including 3 in the top 67, to land Revis.

Likely Destinations

Tampa Bay – The Buccos had the 26th ranked pass defense last year and traded away their best corner, Aqib Talib, at midseason. They’re also in division that features Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Cam Newtown. They have eight draft picks and Revis’ college coach, Dave Wannstedt is Tampa’s Special Teams Coordinator.

Miami – Whether the Jets would deal Revis to a division rival is likely the biggest obstacle in Miami’s way. They’ve got the best set of early draft picks outside of St. Louis (5 in the top 82), easily being able to set us a lucrative package (say picks 12 and 54) to wow the Jets. The need is there, with a middle of the pack pass defense. And having somebody familiar with facing Tom Brady twice a year is a great advantage.

Oakland – Just kidding, we all know they can’t do something right.


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