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Bale In The Justice League? No Thanks!

dccomic-justiceleague-jpg_175656Over the weekend, rumors hit the internet, via Latino Review, regarding the much talked about (and equally maligned) Justice League film the guys at Warner Bros. keep trying to produce. The film, which was originally slated to be released years ago, is reportedly trying to tie to comic book franchises THE comic book franchise that they’ve had success with, Batman. After originally wanting to start fresh with new faces in the roles of the heroes of the League, DC is reportedly backtracking and is trying to convince Christian Bale to don the cowl once more. Supposedly, the fellas at the WB want to use the upcoming Man of Steel as a launchpad for a JL movie, much in the way Marvel did with Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk, with Bale apparently making a cameo in Man of Steel.

A couple things to take away from this:

First, it obviously means that Bale would be the Batman (barring an epic twist) for the upcoming JL movie. This would almost assuredly make the ending of The Dark Knight Rises null and void  (Spoiler alert to follow). For Bale to still be Batman, WB would have to create a story just to figure out how/why Bruce Wayne returns from his life of anonymity in Europe (kudos to Collider for pointing out how  ridiculous it sounds for one of the wealthiest and most famous people in the world, Wayne, essentially hiding in plain sight after being pronounced dead), returning to Gotham and saying “Sorry, John Blake/Robin, I’ve changed my mind. I want my cave back. Oh, and kick out those orphans upstairs, I’ll need a place to live.” I just don’t see how WB works around this with Bale as Batman without basically declaring the last ten minutes of TDKR didn’t really happen. (They could attempt to say that any JL movie happens in between the three Bat movies, but Batman Begins and The Dark Knight essentially run back to back with no more than a couple of months elapsed. TDK and TDKR have eight years set between them, but as heavily stated, Batman has been on hiatus that whole time.)

Second, it undoubtedly means Bale would have to come back for more than one film. DC Comics and Warner Bros. will look to recreate the formula Marvel Studios perfected with their superhero hero movies, culminating in the $1.5 billion-grossing Avengers movie. To do this, Bale would not only have to cameo in Man of Steel while having a full time role in the Justice League,  but he’d also have to be open to at least one more Batman movie and likely another Justice League movie. That’s a lot to ask for a guy who will be pushing 40 by the time JL likely starts filming. Add in the nine-year age gap between Bale and Man of Steel‘s star, Henry Cavill, and it doesn’t seem like Bale would fit in the Justice League universe.

Finally, and this may be the most important part, it completely undoes everything Christopher Nolan worked for with his Bat-trilogy. Nolan strived to make great crime and action movies that just so happened to feature superheroes. He wanted everything to be plausible, from the development of the suits and gadgets to a “Venom”-less Bane. He created an environment, that even though far-fetched, could still be based in reality. By bringing this “real” Batman to the Justice League, this sense of reality is lost in an instant. With the addition of flying aliens wearing tights, princesses with lassos from imaginary islands and Martians, all credibility is lost. And this doesn’t even take into account the villain that will require multiple superheroes to defeat it. Nothing in Nolan’s Bat-verse would even compare to the being that would be required to unite these figures.

As an admitted superhero nerd (not to be confused with comic book nerd) and ardent supporter of a Justice League movie, I just can’t get behind this idea. The Nolan/Bale combination produced not only three of my favorite superhero movies, but also three of my favorite all-time movies. I would hate to see these movies and this distinct universe tarnished just because WB can’t find somebody who fits the cowl quite as well as Bale did. They need to start fresh, as they are with Superman, and concurrently build multiple franchises that come together in the form of the Justice League rather than using what has worked in the past because that’s all they know. If not, it will end up being WB, and not Bane, who ultimately breaks Batman.

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