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Facebook Needs Changes

delete-your-fake-facebook-friends-on-national-unfriend-day-video--dfe7cce9c1Remember when you were a kid and got drug to family reunions where aunts would pinch your cheeks and say how big you’re getting, the amount of affection your grandma would show you would border on incest, but you would tolerate it all because it meant you got to hang out with your older, cooler cousins? This is essentially what Facebook has become. We have to navigate through the thick weeds of “friends” just to get updates on the people we really care about.

As a part of my morning ritual, I usually peruse through Facebook to see if I missed anything from the previous night.  I live in the Central Time Zone and go to bed when most of my friends in the Mountain and Pacific Time Zones are probably wrapping up dinner, thanks to a 5:00 a.m. CST wake up call. So I know a lot of stuff happens after my day is over, so I use the following morning to catch up on any notable events.

Lately, however, I’ve found that most of my time is spent mass-scrolling through people’s ridiculous posts and even more ridiculous photo shares (side note: Facebook allowing people to share Page photos is one of my least favorite things about Facebook, besides overused eCards and not-as-funny-as-you-think  memes). I would estimate that 80% of my Facebook “friends” are people I haven’t said a spoken word two in four-plus years with another 10% having not even received an email or text from me in the last two years. Essentially, my Facebook Feed is filled with mass-shared pictures and “causes” as well as updates from people I could no longer tell you a single detail about. I know you can go through and click on friends and choose not to receive their statuses, but when there are 400 of them, it’s too much work.

This is why I think Facebook should institute a friend-tier system. Similar to what Google+ offers, but for News Feed purposes. Actually want to see what a person has to say or share? Put them in the Close Friends tier. Don’t care about them filling the feed with some page’s political mumbo-jumbo but actually want to hear what they have to say? Throw them in the Friends tier. Just accepted them because you didn’t want to be a d!ck, or because they’re family and you have to? Throw them into the Acquaintances tier and see what they have to say only when you visit their page.

This can all be done anonymously. Nobody has to know what tier they fall in for their friends. Although most of us will inevitably fall into the last tier. Even me, with my occasionally funny quips and dry sense of humor, is likely to find the Acquaintance tier more times than not. But that’s fine. I don’t really care what the guy who sat three seats back from me in Calculus really has to say and odds are, he doesn’t care what the guy who sat three seats ahead of him in Calculus has to say either. Just because we “Friended” each other when Facebook was new and we had actually seen the other in the last year doesn’t mean we have to be stuck looking at their boring posts about their three kids learning how to say “poopy.”

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