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Matt’s Super Bowl Challenge!


I have been hosting a Super Bowl party for the last 8 years, and it is one of my favorite things to do. Normally I plan a very good menu because you need some food to go along with all the beer (This year there may be a lot of beer as “My” Forty-Niners are in the big game). I like to prepare something as a main dish and then ask all my friends to bring side dishes to go with it (This year I am going to be doing a taco bar). My day normally starts out by turning on ESPN in the morning to listen to the coverage of the game. I go into the kitchen and begin to make the food while I listen to “Mike and Mike” on Super Bowl Sunday. I spend all day long cleaning the house and making the food while listening to the non-stop coverage of every part of the game.

A few years ago, I realized that the game is not just about the game, this is an American holiday! People who never watch football with watch the Super Bowl (This is why the game should take place on a Saturday, but that is an article for a different day). Many of my friends that came over were just as interested in the commercials as I was interested in the outcome of the game. Therefore, I decided to take my football party to the next level. I created a Super Bowl Challenge that can be enjoyed by the fans of the game and the fans of the marketing professionals paying a few million dollars for 30 seconds. This challenge is fun for everyone!

For the first time ever, I will be sharing my challenge with all of you. Please feel free to print these questions off and give them out at your party. I normally give out a prize to the winner, but that is totally up to you.

Many of these questions are based off of the “Prop Bets” that Vegas comes up with every year. Make sure to hit up the comments section if you have ideas for other great questions.

How long will it take to Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem: (Circle One) (1 point)

(Starts as soon as you hear “O Say”, ends after “brave” ends)

OVER 1:48 / UNDER 1:48

Coin flip: (Circle one) (1 point)

Heads / Tails

First company to have a commercial: (3 points)

(After the Kickoff)

First preview of an upcoming movie: (3 points)

(Name of the movie)

The first company to have a commercial where someone says, “Beer”: (3 points)

(Not written in words, but actually spoken. It can be an actor or an announcer)

Longest field goal in the game: (Closest to the actual yardage gets the points): (4 points)

(In yards)

How many commercials will there be with talking/dancing animals? (3 points)

(If there is a challenge, vote by all participants present)

How many commercials will have men in their underwear? (Circle One) (2 points)

OVER 2.5/ UNDER 2.5 (If there is a challenge, it is to be voted on by all the men)

How many commercials will have women in their underwear? (Circle One) (2 points)

OVER 4.5/ UNDER 4.5 (If there is a challenge, it is to be voted on by all the women)

Will Colin Kaepernick score a rushing touchdown? (2 points)


Which team will score first (Circle One) (2 points)

San Francisco / Baltimore (TD, Field Goal, or safety)

Will there be a running play over 20 yards? (Circle One) (2 points)


Commercials for “Sherlock” episode coming up after the Super Bowl (Circle One) (2 points)

OVER 4.5 / UNDER 4.5

What color Gatorade will be poured over the winning coach: (2 points)

(Clear, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, etc)

Total combined points at the end of the game (Circle One) (3 Points)

OVER 54.5/ UNDER 54.5

The MVP of the Super Bowl; who is it, and who does he thank first: (4 Points, 2 points for each question)

First Offensive Play after Half-time (Circle one) (1 Point)

Pass/ Run

How will Beyonce’s hair be styled at the beginning of the halftime show. (Circle One) (1 Point)

(If there is a challenge, it is to be voted on by all the women)
Curly(or Crimped) / Straight / Pulled Back / Up

How many beers will the host consume during the 2nd quarter? (2 points)

Who will be leading going into the 4th quarter? (Niners/Ravens/ Tie) (2 points)

How many touchdowns will be scored by the teams’ defense and special teams? (3 Points)

(Combined for both teams)

(Closest to the number gets the points, in the case of a tie, both get the points)

Total number of times that CBS shows pictures/movies of the Harbaughs as kids during the game (2 Points)

OVER 3.5 / Under 3.5

How many field goals will be scored during the game? (3 points)

(Closest to the number gets the points, in the case of a tie, both get the points)

Winner and final score of the game: (6 points)

(Closest to the final score gets the points, in the case of a tie, both get the points)


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