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Matt’s Super Bowl Challenge!

January 31, 2013 1 comment


I have been hosting a Super Bowl party for the last 8 years, and it is one of my favorite things to do. Normally I plan a very good menu because you need some food to go along with all the beer (This year there may be a lot of beer as “My” Forty-Niners are in the big game). I like to prepare something as a main dish and then ask all my friends to bring side dishes to go with it (This year I am going to be doing a taco bar). My day normally starts out by turning on ESPN in the morning to listen to the coverage of the game. I go into the kitchen and begin to make the food while I listen to “Mike and Mike” on Super Bowl Sunday. I spend all day long cleaning the house and making the food while listening to the non-stop coverage of every part of the game.

A few years ago, I realized that the game is not just about the game, this is an American holiday! People who never watch football with watch the Super Bowl (This is why the game should take place on a Saturday, but that is an article for a different day). Many of my friends that came over were just as interested in the commercials as I was interested in the outcome of the game. Therefore, I decided to take my football party to the next level. I created a Super Bowl Challenge that can be enjoyed by the fans of the game and the fans of the marketing professionals paying a few million dollars for 30 seconds. This challenge is fun for everyone!

For the first time ever, I will be sharing my challenge with all of you. Please feel free to print these questions off and give them out at your party. I normally give out a prize to the winner, but that is totally up to you. Read more…


Valentines Day – From My Perspective

January 27, 2013 Leave a comment
Beer my Valentine

Beer my Valentine


Every year at this time I am very happy. The holidays are a great time, but it is also nice to get back into normalcy. The Christmas decorations have been up in the stores since late August, and so it is nice when they are down. Everyone is heading back to work and you can actually get replies from actual people, and not their Out of Office responses. January is a new beginning for everyone. It is a time to set resolutions for the year and to make new goals. My resolution for the year is to have Boise Bar Guide become the go-to source for information about the bars in the Boise Area. (Oh yeah, and I would also like to lose 5 or 10 more pounds) My other goal is to have the “Hour of Power” podcast be ranked on iTunes. (We do not need to be ranked number 1 or even 101, but it would be nice to have some good downloads.)

However, here is my problem with January. I have just thought about, shopped for, and bought presents for the ones that I love the most; especially my wife. I always make an effort to get her something unexpected, and something that she can use. (I am sorry honey, Diamonds are not that practical. Unless you are using them to cut through the glass windows of a warehouse where we are going to steal a box of iPad’s. If that is the plan then I will get you as many Diamonds that are necessary). Anyways, I spend a lot of time getting her something that I know she would like. However, lurking behind January like a predator waiting for its prey is February…and Valentine’s day. It is not that I do not like showing the ones I love that I love them, it is that I just spent the entire holiday season showing the ones I love that I love them. Seriously, who’s idea was it to put Valentine’s day in February. I say we move it to August. Then there will be a good 8 month gap from the last time I showed my wife that I loved her and by that time, I will probably have done something to warrant chocolate, flowers, and presents (The writing of this article will surely be one of them). I like buying presents and spending time with loved ones, but we just did that! Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Years I have had loved ones up my a$$ for the past two months. Let’s move Valentines to August. Then the world opens up. Everyone tries to go on a date for Valentine’s day. Read more…

Top 10 Things More Real Than Manti Te’o’s Girlfriend

January 22, 2013 Leave a comment

0116-manti-teo-lennay-kekua-11Let us be the first to admit that we’re a few days late to this party. It seems that almost everything that can be written about the subject of Manti Te’o and his not-so-dead, not-so-real girlfriend. However, since we’ve yet to come across a Top 10 list about the subject, and Top 10’s are sort of our thing, we had to take this opportunity to make fun of one of the most ridiculous non-sports sports stories to ever grace us with its presence. So without further ado, the top 10 things that are more real than Manti Te’o’s girlfriend:

10. Sasquatch – If you come from Idaho, your first reaction as probably, “no duh!”

9. Scientology – Tom Cruise paid us to write that and threatened the evil lord Xenu’s retribution against us.

8. Honest Politicians – Somewhere, just one place, there has to be one, right?

7. Nickelback Fans – I’ve been told that a lot people go to their concerts, but I always chalked it up to hyperbole. Read more…

NHL Season Preview

January 17, 2013 Leave a comment

St Louis BluesFor those of you who don’t know, the NHL has not started their regular season yet. I know, I know nobody is talking about that but believe it or not; the National Hockey League has been going through some trouble this year. The idiots in charge of the league have finally decided to pull their heads out of their asses and actually play the game they are being paid millions of dollars to put on. I could go into a long rant about who was the bigger idiot, but I will not do that here. (Actually I already did that in an article that I never posted. I offended so many people that I decided to just leave that article on my hard drive). The time and place for blame has passed. Let’s move forward. Let’s make the most of the game while we have it. It is only a matter of time before the NHL decides to shoot itself in the foot again and who knows if they will come back after that. This game only has so many lives.

Today I would like to discuss my projections for the top teams in the league. I would call them my “Power Rankings” but everyone does that. If there is one thing that I hate doing, it is doing the same thing everyone else does. So I will rename “Power Rankings,” instead you shall have Matt’s “League of Super Awesome Gentleman (who play hockey). Read more…

Why Your Last Diet Failed

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

DietsIf you’re like 78% of Americans (according to a survey I made up for this article), you “failed” on your last diet. For objective purposes, we’ll label “failure” as not reaching the desired weight/body composition that you determined as your goal at the onset of the diet. You probably pushed hard for two weeks, found that your navel was still buried under the mezzanine and decided to call it quits, determining that you’re destined to be fat forever. To paraphrase the not-so-subtle Ron White, there’s sure a lot of quit in you. Well good news, Chubs, I’ve got some tips for you to stick to a diet and see the pounds (slowly, methodically) drip away.

Before we get into these tips, we must understand why diets last as long as a virgin’s first time. Most diets fail for one of three reasons: lack of quick success, uncontrollable cravings or difficulty following the guidelines of the diet. The first two will come down to your own willpower and the help of some in-house controls, while the last can be fixed by choosing the proper diet. Although willpower is primarily your responsibility, we can take some of the pressure off with placing supporting functions around you. Read more…

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