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Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends


With the impending apocalypse predicted by the Mayans looming over us, we here at the Hour of Power decided to dedicate our famed (and admittedly copied) Top Ten List to this crucial subject. Without further ado, here is the Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends:

10. Play “hooky”. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of people on their deathbed wishing they would’ve worked less and lived life more.

9. Eat a large pizza by yourself. If the world is ending, who cares about America’s growing obesity epidemic?

8. Visit www.boisebarguide.com. We’ve never claimed to have been above self-promotion.

7. Do the hour of power. Challenge your bladder to hold all of that golden deliciousness!

6. Kiss a stranger. With our sloth-like legal system, there will be three doomsdays before your arraignment.

5. Max out your car’s speedometer. Because we all have wondered if a ’92 Accord really does go 135.

4. Go streaking. If you were smart, you would’ve done this in the summer months for more than one reason…

3. Watch X-Files with no lights on. We needed a reason to make an obscure mid-nineties reference.

2. Have a one night stand. You can always tell God you were planning on calling him/her back.

1. Get black-out drunk. Two birds with one stone: You won’t have to work through your hangover tomorrow and, if you’re like us, the drunkeness will hopefully carry over to the “warm” after-life.

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