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Top 10 Things More Important Than “Kimye’s” Baby News

December 31, 2012 Leave a comment
Kanye seems as disgusted by this as we are.

Kanye seems as disgusted by this as we are.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard from either social media or the real “media” incessantly shoving this non-newsworthy down our throats, the celebrity couple, known as “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kayne West) are now expecting a baby. As this announcement continues to travel at speeds that would make the Millennium Falcon blush (side note: 2013 will be the year I make Star Wars references whenever possible. Get ready!), the Hour of Power has come up with a Top 10 to cover this monumental moment: The Top 10 things that are more important than their baby news.

10. Ending the use of combined names to call a couple. It’s not cute or funny, it’s annoying. I’m sure the “Bennifer” and “Brangelina” creators found themselves witty at the time, but this overused device has joined the ranks of the “(Insert Scandal Here)Gate” moniker. Just stop!

9. Helping Kanye West understand the “fish sticks” joke. On second thought, him not understanding is a lot funnier.

8. Figuring out why the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings trilogy is interesting. This may very well be the “fish sticks” to my Kanye, or I’m one of the few sane people left. Likely the former. Read more…


We Now Have Podcasts!

December 28, 2012 Leave a comment

We Now Have Podcasts!

The Hour of Power, after lengthy struggles to our technological-inept minds, have finally found a forum to publish podcasts. Check out our first upload, the finale to our show on March 16th, 2012.

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Hour of Power’s Week 16 Picks

December 21, 2012 Leave a comment

120910-wilson-480What do you do when you’re bored at work, the office is half-empty and you failed on your promise to publish a Bowl Season guide? Make week 16 NFL picks, of course.

Much is at stake this week, especially in the NFC, which has a slightly more open playoff picture than its AFC counterpart. The NFC East, in particular, with three teams tied atop the leaderboard, seems to have the most at stake. This week has a chance to offer up some clarity, with the AFC potentially having its teams locked in (or drastically muddied up), while the NFC can lock in it’s fourth team.

(Home team in CAPS)

Atlanta over DETROIT: The Falcons head into the Ford Field and lock up the number one seed in the NFC, making the Georgia Dome the bridge all teams must cross to reach the Super Bowl. Given that Detroit is only 2-4 at home and have gone “off the rail” according to their coach, Atlanta, and their extra motivation, should take this game easily.

COWBOYS over Saints: I realize that I’m jinxing my ‘Boys by expecting them to take this one, but Dallas should match up well against the Saints. Talented rookie Morris Claiborne should return to help slow down the Saints passing attack and Dallas newly revamped offense should be able to score frequently on the worst D in football. Read more…

Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends

December 20, 2012 Leave a comment


With the impending apocalypse predicted by the Mayans looming over us, we here at the Hour of Power decided to dedicate our famed (and admittedly copied) Top Ten List to this crucial subject. Without further ado, here is the Top Ten Things to Do Before the World Ends:

10. Play “hooky”. You’ll find an overwhelming amount of people on their deathbed wishing they would’ve worked less and lived life more.

9. Eat a large pizza by yourself. If the world is ending, who cares about America’s growing obesity epidemic?

8. Visit We’ve never claimed to have been above self-promotion. Read more…

Ridley’s Rankings, Week 15: Championship Week Edition

December 5, 2012 Leave a comment

The regular season is now over. Conference championships have been decided. Where are we now? A place pretty familiar to where we’ve been in the past. A team with years of tradition (Notre Dame) faces off against an SEC power (Alabama). This will be the seventh time these teams have faced off, with Notre Dame surprisingly taking five of the first six (and most of these were against Bear Bryant). These teams pit terrifying defenses against light (ND) to qualified (Alabama) offenses. My guess is the first team to reach double-digits in points wins the game, because that will probably be all that’s needed.

With bowl season ramping up in just ten short days, as of this entry, I hope to have a bowl preview out in time to fill out your office pools (you know, if gambling was legal). Until then, here are the rankings.

(Editor’s Note: Ranking formula was altered this week to include a “Bad Loss” variable as well as eliminate all BCS components of the equation.)

  1. Notre Dame (100.00) – With an off week, nothing was expected to change for the Domers. They knew that even should Alabama beat Georgia, they were still secured a top-2 spot in the BCS, with #3 Georgia falling, in this circumstance, and Florida, at #4, having the week off. They’ll now face their toughest opponent since Stanford, a team that took them to the brink.
  2. Florida (98.78) – Florida? Yes, Florida. You can say all you want about ‘Bama winning the SEC and beating Georiga in what was essentially a home game for the Bulldogs, but Florida was still faced a tougher schedule while pulling off the same amount of impressive victories. If you’ve been following these rankings, you’ve seen how much the numbers favor the Gators. If you don’t believe me, check out the computer rankings that feed into the BCS formula Read more…
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