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Ridley’s Rankings: Week 12, WTF Just Happened? Edition

Two words are all I can think of to describe this weekend, “Well, shit!” Just when we thought that the evil giant (the SEC) was down for good, greater forces took hold and delivered somewhat shocking (Stanford finally beating Oregon, in Autzen, no less) to completely unbelievable (Baylor running roughshod on Kansas State). Now we’ve got a former power in it’s first modern day lead as Notre Dame claimed the top spot for the first time in BCS history along with left-for-dead Alabama now back in the driver’s seat of it’s own destiny. What’s the result of all this? A decent shakeup in Ridley’s Rankings:

  1. Notre Dame (99.13) – In the span of a week, Notre Dame fans went from saying style points and big wins are overrated to sending thank you letters to the Vatican for what can only be understood as a modern day miracle. Don’t break out the champagne and altar boys yet, though. The Fighting Irish could be setting themselves up for a classic trap game against USC and their redshirt freshman QB making his first start due to Matt Barkley’s bum shoulder. Win this and book your flight to Miami.
  2. Alabama (95.32) – College football apparently needs Nick Saban. There’s no other way to describe it. From his quick getaway in Miami to making the BCS championship a rematch to the tomfoolery from this weekend, the only thing that can be taken from it is that major college football needs Nick Saban front and center. With that said, however, the Crimson Tide still have to take care of business against a bad Auburn team before meeting Georgia in the SEC Championship, which could very well double as a play-in game to the National Championship.
  3. Florida (94.02) – The Gators haven’t looked great lately, following two close wins with a whopping 23 point victory over Jacksonville State. On the bright side, they are expecting QB Jeff Driskel back this week to face off against Florida State, although the capacity is to be determined. Florida’s only chance for a National Championship berth is for Georgia Tech to beat Georgia, who then beats Alabama. Unlikely? I thought so, too.
  4. Ohio State (92.65) – Buckeye fans have to be fuming this week. As one of only two undefeateds, they would almost undoubtedly be looking a BCS Championship berth in the eye. But instead Jim Tressel screwed the pooch and now a talented, although beatable OSU squad is watching as they’re being held back for the sins of their predecessors.
  5. Kansas State (90.04) – History finds a way of repeating itself. Wildcat fans will recall the promising 1998 season under Bill Snyder’s previous regime, with the Wildcats starting out an impressive 10-0 before falling to Texas A&M of all teams, 36-33 in double OT. K-State will now look to rebound with a win over Texas, locking up the Big 12 title and a BCS Bowl berth.
  6. Georgia (89.47) – I’m not as high on the Bulldogs as the BCS. That ass-kicking at the hands of South Carolina still resonates too much. Their wins also aren’t as impressive as any of the teams in front of them. Nonetheless, I’ll be on Georgia’s bandwagon come time of the SEC Championship.
  7. Oregon (88.45) – Get prepared for Ducks fans to start comparing the Stanford loss to Alabama’s loss to Texas A&M. Both lost to teams who were similarly ranked at the team and both lost at home. And Ducks fans will go as far to say that they didn’t stake their opponent to a 20-point lead. However, that argument will fall on deaf ears once people realize Stanford is by far the best team that Oregon has faced, whereas Alabama also had Mississippi State, Michigan and LSU.
  8. Texas A&M (87.43) – Congrats to A&M for avoiding the letdown against Sam Houston State after such an emotional victory. The Aggies finish out the season against a seemingly overmatched Missouri squad before finding out their bowl fate. Odds are, they’ll receive a big to a top-rung non-BCS bowl. Not too bad for their first year in the SEC, just ask Missouri.
  9. LSU (86.85) – If there are any LSU fans that happen to read this blog, feel free to bitch about your Tigers being below A&M even though you beat them at their home. As I said last week, its a sick love triangle between these two and ‘Bama. A&M takes the top spot for having lost both their games by a combined 8 points, while playing similar competition (i.e. Bama) better.
  10. Stanford (86.43) – I was in Las Vegas the weekend Stanford played USC. On Friday night, I had just placed some bets on a couple college games (LSU +45 over University of Idaho and BSU +21 over Miami (OH)) when I had a conversation with a guy saying I was stupid for not picking USC to cover over an overrated Stanford team. I agreed and we bonded over how USC was going to destroy Stanford. There’s no moral here. I just wanted to point out how stupid I am when I drink.
  11. Clemson (80.19) – As you can see, the Top 10 are quite a bit above the rest of the pack. Just don’t tell Tajh Boyd and his 8 TDs from last week that.
  12. Florida State (78.81) – Seminoles fans can whine, but they were one bad play away from losing to a shitty Va Tech team.
  13. South Carolina (78.73) – The Gamecocks will look to continue their dominance against a powerful Clemson team as they seek their fourth straight victory in the rivalry.
  14. Oklahoma (77.34) – Well, the shootout with West Virginia happened like we all thought his preseason. However, everybody thought WVU would be above .500.
  15. Nebraska (75.03) – The Cornhuskers continue to roll and look to dispose of Iowa before heading off to the Big Ten Championship as the winners of the Who Gives a Shit What It’s Called Division.
  16. Oregon State (74.53) – Sean Mannion came back with a vengeance as the Beavers sent the Golden Bears an embarrassing defeat.
  17. Texas (72.73) – The Longhorns are stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they beat K-State, they likely prevent the Wildcats from winning the Big 12. However, it also means bitter rival Oklahoma probably does.
  18. UCLA (69.83) – The Bruins are playing their most consistent ball of the season. Amazing turnaround for Jim Mora’s team after last year’s 50-0 beatdown from the Trojans.
  19. Rutgers (69.20) – Anybody else yawn when the Big East comes up in conversation?
  20. Michigan (66.64) – Although they technically wouldn’t be spoiling their season, the Wolverines would enjoy nothing more than handing the Buckeyes their sole loss of the season, at the Horseshoe, no less.
  21. Louisville (64.71) – The Big East does serve a purpose. If both Rutgers and Louisville fail to advance in the standings, they leave the opportunity for a mid-major to sweep in for an automatic BCS berth.
  22. Kent State (64.31) – The Golden Flashes have now won nine straight and are in the BCS standings, for what I assume is the first time in their school history.
  23. Oklahoma State (63.31) – Despite a season of massive turnaround, Mike Gundy has done an admirable job keeping OK State relevant.
  24. Boise State (60.40) – After a few week absense, the Broncos find themselves back among the elite, thanks to teams ahead of them falling more than them winning impressively.
  25. Washington (59.85) – The Huskies made easy work of the Buffs as they continue to bring up the rear in my, and the BCS’s rankings.

Honorable Mentions: Arizona, Mississippi State, Northern Illinois, Utah State, San Jose State

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