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Ridley’s Rankings, Week 11: See ya SEC Edition

Well, since these rankings are coming out approximately 96 hours after Texas A&M pulled the upset (sorta) of the season, I’m not going to harp on it, talk about the huge plays, such as Johnny Manziel escaping a definite sack and finding a wide open receiver in the end zone, or mention the implications it likely created, like the SEC not being represented in the championship game for the first time in 6 years. If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly read all about that, anyway. To see how they compare to last week, find them here, or to see how I made these rankings, go here.

  1. Kansas State (100.30) – The Wildcats and “Optimus Klein” (I really wish I would’ve thought of that name first) are the new number one in the BCS thanks to consistently being number two in the USA Today, Harris and BCS Computers polls. Their schedule currently compares favorably to that of Oregon’s, but the Ducks have a long road ahead of them, that if they prove victorious, will likely see them rise to #1, at least in the BCS.
  2. Notre Dame (97.44) – The Golden Domers’ schedule is actually the toughest of the top 3 teams at this point, but due to their tendency to play down to opponents’ levels, they can’t edge out K-State. And although the Irish find themselves second in my rankings, they currently are third in the BCS and unlikely to rise without a slip up by either of the top two teams. 
  3. Oregon (94.71) – My rankings still aren’t sold on the Ducks, and if it weren’t for the BCS, they’d likely find themselves behind a couple 1-loss teams. That is more of a discredit to their opponent slate than the Ducks’ actual ability. Of the three undefeated teams thus far, they’re the only ones not to have a game come within 10 points. That being said, the highest ranked team they’ve faced is the 17th ranked Trojans, who know have 3 losses.
  4. Alabama (94.05) – Alabama picked a bad year to have such a great one-loss team. In five of the last six BCS Championship games, a one-loss (or more) team has played for the title, with four of those teams actually winning the title. Now, they’re on the outside looking in while being the biggest fans of Texas, Stanford, Oregon State and USC.
  5. Florida (93.24) – The Gators are having a hell of a time trying to close out the season after such a great start. After squeaking by Missouri, the Gators needed a last second punt block to beat the Ragin’ Cajuns of Louisiana-Lafayette. This is coupled with the fact that their QB, Jeff Driskel, is likely out for two weeks. Jacksonville State likely won’t be able to take advantage of it, but Florida State sure could.
  6. Ohio State (90.86) – You know what’s almost as amazing as an undefeated Buckeyes team being left out of the BCS, thanks to NCAA violations? The thought of an undefeated Buckeyes team being on the outside of the Natioinal Championship game looking in. Although we will never know for sure where the Buckeyes would land, should they be included in this year’s BCS poll, the smart money has them trailing the other three undefeateds.
  7. Georgia (88.09) – The Bulldogs have been on a bit of a hot streak lately, beating the #2 (at the time) Gators, followed by beat-downs of Ole Miss and Auburn. The Bulldogs will hope to continue hot streak with a tune up against Georgia Southern before bearing down for a rivalry match with Georgia Tech before a meeting with the Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship. Should they win out and certain cards fall the right way, the Bulldogs could sneak into the BCS Championship.
  8. LSU (86.49) – Another example of the wacky SEC (see the SC-Georgia-Florida love triangle): ‘Bama beats LSU, LSU beats A&M, A&M beats ‘Bama, not to mention the winning team was on the road each time. Had both LSU and A&M been able to squeak past the Gators earlier this year, we’d have a more convoluted southern love triangle than figuring out if Billy Bob was Bubba’s dad, uncle or both.
  9. Texas A&M (85.14) – As I championed last week, Texas A&M should be ranked about the Gamecocks. With their breakthrough performance against Alabama, they finally get the recognition that they had steadily deserved. After losing close battles against the Gators and Tigers, they were finally able to hang on for a tough SEC victory.
  10. South Carolina (82.40) – South Carolina was off this weekend. I don’t think anybody outside of their home state would’ve noticed, though, thanks to another battle going on.
  11. Clemson (79.74) – Both the Tigers and Seminoles played shoddy opponents this week. However, Clemson didn’t make their fans pee their pants before pulling out the win.
  12. Florida State (78.75) – Despite what Jimbo Fisher thinks, teams that sneak past 4-5 opponents by only six points do not get voted National Champions.
  13. Oklahoma (77.78) – Had the Sooners only taken care of business at home against K-State and the Golden Domers, they undoubtedly would be the #1 team with the fast track to the BCS Championship.
  14. Stanford (77.52) – The Cardinal will look to avenge last year’s loss to the Ducks this weekend. However, if they falter, they’ll end up helping their rival.
  15. Nebraska (74.24) – Who says the Big Ten is having a down year? Two ACC, two Big 12, two Pac-12 and two Big Ten supplement the SEC to fill out this fine 15. Sounds like the closest thing college football is going to get to parody.
  16. Texas (73.68) – The Longhorns seem to have shored things up since their meltdown against Oklahoma in the Red River Classic. They provide the best chance of providing K-State with a regular season loss.
  17. Oregon State (73.52) – The Beavers are undoubtedly a better program than in recent years, but they’ve proven that their still a few solid years from being the cream of the Pac-12 crop.
  18. UCLA (67.79) – Speaking of rising programs, Jim Mora has gotten this program turned around after ugly tenures by respectable coaches.
  19. Louisville (65.19) – The Red Birds had shown vulnerability all season long with close victories. Then the Orangemen came along and wiped the floor with them.
  20. Louisiana Tech (65.02) – Bulldogs fans should really soak in these next two weeks and enjoy them for all their worth. Because come next year, Sonny Dykes is likely to be leading a much larger program.
  21. Michigan (63.98) – The Wolverines can feel free to thank this spot solely on Northwestern inexplicably allowing a 48-yard pass with 8 defensive backs late in their game this last weekend. Incredible.
  22. Rutgers (63.88) – The Scarlet Knights can position themselves for a BCS bowl with wins over a tough Cincinnati team, Pittsburgh and Louisville, in a de facto Big East Championship game, to close the season.
  23. USC (63.47) – Outside of Jim Mora’s pipe-dream, who would’ve thought that the USC-UCLA crosstown rivalry would determine the winner of the Pac-12 South.
  24. Texas Tech (62.40) – The Red Raiders are a lot like the Big 12 version of Oregon State, a team on the rise, but a few years away from running with the big dogs.
  25. Washington (60.16) – How is a team that’s 6-4 ranked? Because their schedule would make Bear Bryant weary.

Close Calls: Kent State, Oklahoma State, Mississippi State, Arizona, Northern Illinois

Boise State: 32nd

  1. November 14, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Wow, I kind of agree but not really. I have Georgia above Alabummer and Boise state above Washington. I know Boise hasn’t beaten anybody and Washington does have a couple of quality wins but they still have FOUR losses. Even with Southdick Boise’s defense certainly would keep them most games with almost anybody. Had it not been for the special teams forgetting the game was in Boise two weeks ago and a late drive by now completely imploded Michigan State they could be undefeated. Kind of like a bullfrog with wings.

  1. November 19, 2012 at 10:52 pm

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