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Ridley’s Rankings, Week 13: Golden Domers Edition

November 27, 2012 5 comments

For the first time in the (coherent) lifetime of this blogger, Notre Dame is going to play for the National Championship (Note: Notre Dame won the National Championship in 1988, when I was approximately 10 months old). After mediocre coaching stints by Bob Davey, almost George O’Leary, had it not been for a phantom Letter, Tyrone Willingham (who is now a volunteer coach for Stanford’s women’s golf team), Charlie Weis and now Brian Kelly, the Irish are finally nationally relevant in a title-winning capacity. The fact that they’re doing it due to their defensive pedigree is ironic part. Kelly, who was known for creating offensive juggernauts as his previous stops in Central Michigan and Cincinnati, has the best scoring defense in the nation to compliment (or completely cover for) an offense that wouldn’t scare a JV squad. Nonetheless, the Irish took care of business against USC and will now have the honor of playing for their first BCS title. But who is most deserving to play them? Well, let’s see.

  1. Notre Dame (99.21) – As the only undefeated, non-bowl sanctioned team, the Fighting Irish can officially lay claim to the best team in the 2012 regular season. They have faced an incredibly tough schedule (although not the toughest, more on that later), including beating two ranked teams on the road. However, they’ve been lucky to sneak away with a few close ones this year, including 3 against non-ranked opponents by less than one touchdown. With such little margin for error, the Domers will have to play their best ball of the season if they hope to beat the inevitable SEC team in the BCS Championship.
  2. Florida (97.01) – I can say, without any doubt whatsoever, that Florida had the most impressive season out of any SEC team, if not any team in the country. Their schedule was akin to playing the 20th ranked team in the nation every week. They defeated both A&M and Florida State on the road, while also beating top-ten teams LSU and South Carolina at home. Their opponents won over 60% of their games, over 67% of their games if the Florida losses are knocked out. The fact that this team amassed so much and still will be out of the BCS (but likely guaranteed a BCS bowl) gives an even heavier argument to the need for a playoff. Read more…

Ridley’s Rankings: Week 12, WTF Just Happened? Edition

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Two words are all I can think of to describe this weekend, “Well, shit!” Just when we thought that the evil giant (the SEC) was down for good, greater forces took hold and delivered somewhat shocking (Stanford finally beating Oregon, in Autzen, no less) to completely unbelievable (Baylor running roughshod on Kansas State). Now we’ve got a former power in it’s first modern day lead as Notre Dame claimed the top spot for the first time in BCS history along with left-for-dead Alabama now back in the driver’s seat of it’s own destiny. What’s the result of all this? A decent shakeup in Ridley’s Rankings:

  1. Notre Dame (99.13) – In the span of a week, Notre Dame fans went from saying style points and big wins are overrated to sending thank you letters to the Vatican for what can only be understood as a modern day miracle. Don’t break out the champagne and altar boys yet, though. The Fighting Irish could be setting themselves up for a classic trap game against USC and their redshirt freshman QB making his first start due to Matt Barkley’s bum shoulder. Win this and book your flight to Miami.
  2. Alabama (95.32) – College football apparently needs Nick Saban. There’s no other way to describe it. From his quick getaway in Miami to making the BCS championship a rematch to the tomfoolery from this weekend, the only thing that can be taken from it is that major college football needs Nick Saban front and center. With that said, however, the Crimson Tide still have to take care of business against a bad Auburn team before meeting Georgia in the SEC Championship, which could very well double as a play-in game to the National Championship. Read more…

Ridley’s Rankings, Week 11: See ya SEC Edition

November 14, 2012 2 comments

Well, since these rankings are coming out approximately 96 hours after Texas A&M pulled the upset (sorta) of the season, I’m not going to harp on it, talk about the huge plays, such as Johnny Manziel escaping a definite sack and finding a wide open receiver in the end zone, or mention the implications it likely created, like the SEC not being represented in the championship game for the first time in 6 years. If you’re reading this, you’ve undoubtedly read all about that, anyway. To see how they compare to last week, find them here, or to see how I made these rankings, go here.

  1. Kansas State (100.30) – The Wildcats and “Optimus Klein” (I really wish I would’ve thought of that name first) are the new number one in the BCS thanks to consistently being number two in the USA Today, Harris and BCS Computers polls. Their schedule currently compares favorably to that of Oregon’s, but the Ducks have a long road ahead of them, that if they prove victorious, will likely see them rise to #1, at least in the BCS.
  2. Notre Dame (97.44) – The Golden Domers’ schedule is actually the toughest of the top 3 teams at this point, but due to their tendency to play down to opponents’ levels, they can’t edge out K-State. And although the Irish find themselves second in my rankings, they currently are third in the BCS and unlikely to rise without a slip up by either of the top two teams.  Read more…

Ridley’s Rankings, Week 10: Bye, Bye Broncos Edition

November 6, 2012 3 comments

Week 10 was a blessing for the masses for fans of college football, unless, of course, you reside in the 208 area code: Alabama finally received a challenge, Notre Dame had the fear of God put into them, Kansas State wins despite losing their Heisman-contending QB, Oregon finally beats a noteworthy opponent (on the road, no less) and everybody’s favorite (or at least this blogger’s) mid-major, BSU, paid the piper for their sins at quarterback. As always, if you’re wondering how I’ve come to these conclusions, click here.

  1. Alabama (102.81) – No surprise here that Alabama’s lead for the top spot grew over last week’s rankings with a win on the road against LSU, even if they needed a late drive to win it. When facing a ranked opponent, especially on the road, a win is a win.
  2. Kansas State (99.39) – Kansas State was able to fend off Oklahoma State after Collin Klein went down with an injury (possible concussion is the latest word) in the 3rd quarter. Bill Snyder is hopeful to have his star back, which may be necessary against a talented, although flawed, TCU squad.
  3. Notre Dame (97.83) – Notre Dame’s national title hopes took a serious hit Saturday night, as they struggled against an inferior Pitt team. Needing triple-OT to beat a .500 team is not a way to gain any favors in polls and rankings, especially this one. With USC also losing to Oregon over the weekend, their ace in the hole became a suited jack. Their only hopes rely on Kansas State AND Oregon being upset before the season’s end. Read more…
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