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Ridley’s Rankings, Week 8

Hello folks, I’m back and this time, I’ll actually have comments to go with the rankings and try to justify why the teams are where they are. I’ll apologize in advance to those of you subscribing to the “USC for BCS Championship” newsletter. If you’re wondering how I got my rankings, check it out here.

  1. Florida – They still boost a brutal schedule that only seems to trail South Carolina and Stanford in the Top 25. The only difference between them and Florida is Florida hasn’t buckled under pressure and high expectations yet. SEC rival Georgia is next for the Gators.
  2. Alabama – Bama has done a nice job so far this season of making the game of football look easy. AJ McCarron leads the nation in passer efficiency and their defense is solid as always. A crash course with Florida in the SEC Championship is looking likely.
  3. Kansas State – I’m fairly certain that if Bill Snyder entered the presidential elections right now, he’d probably win the election. The man can do no wrong. He’s also developed a dynamic weapon in Eric Crouch 2.0…errr, Collin Klein. With a tough defense and explosive offense, K-State is looking to play the role of SEC spoiler.
  4. Notre Dame – The Golden Domers have had some close games lately, with narrow wins against Stanford and BYU in the Holy War, with BYU becoming the first team this nation to score touchdowns on back-to-back possessions. Landry Jones and Oklahoma will look to be the second-straight team to do so in the Irish’s biggest test this season.
  5. Oregon State – Cue the Chip Kelly joke about me not staying up late enough to watch the Ducks’ games, but Oregon State has a tougher schedule thus far, even beating a then-ranked (and admittedly, overhyped) UCLA team. With Wisconsin also re-entering the BCS rankings, the Beavers find themselves getting even more recognition.
  6. Oregon – Oregon has played quality football…against inferior opponents. Their best conference wins so far are against two teams (Arizona and Washington) who are a combined .500 right now. However, having Barner and Black Mamba in the same backfield make you incredibly lethal (no pun intended…I swear!).
  7. LSU – Of the one-loss teams, LSU has the best excuse with a tough, albeit it sloppy loss to my top-ranked Gators. They’re strength of schedule is 7th toughest in the top 25 by my rankings, and now have quality wins over South Carolina and Texas A&M in back-to-back weeks.
  8. Ohio State – The Buckeyes continue to befuddle me. After pounding Nebraska by 25 points, they go on to beat Indiana and Purdue by a combined 10 points. One bad hop in either of those games and the Buckeyes become a middle-of-the-pack one-loss team.
  9. Oklahoma – Like LSU, the team the Sooners lost to is very justifiable (K-State). It was only by five points, but the fact that it happened at home shows the vulnerability in Oklahoma. But as is Bob Stoops M.O., it’s motivated the Sooners, who have won their last three by an average of 36 points, including the absolute dismantling of Red River rival, Texas.
  10. Mississippi State – Mississippi State is coasting on that fact it’s 7-0 while being an SEC team.  They’ve had mostly decisive victories against a weak schedule, save for a visit to Troy, and have looked fairly impressive. Their true colors will be shown Saturday when they faced the top (BCS)-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.
  11. Texas Tech- Only loss is to a tough Sooners squad. Has a chance to show true mettle against KSU Saturday.
  12. South Carolina – Where did the team that trounced Georgia go? They’ve looked outmatched the last two weeks.
  13. Georgia – Needs to regain early season form to have a shot at a quality bowl.
  14. USC – If they beat Oregon and Notre Dame, given that both are undefeated at the time, and win the Pac-12, the Trojans will have a legitimate case for the BCS Championship.
  15. Rutgers – Louisville is the only ranked team left standing between the Scarlet Knights and perfect season.
  16. Florida State –  FSU’s schedule is starting to look stronger as NC State and Clemson continue to win, although the BCS computers still aren’t impressed.
  17. Stanford – They’ll spend the whole season looking back at the Washington and Notre Dame games saying, “What if…”
  18. Louisville – The Cardinals are hoping that Cincy doesn’t take out their anger from last week’s loss on them. If the Cards proof successful, the last week match with Rutgers will mean large stakes.
  19. Clemson – The Tigers failed their only challenge so far., meaning their only hope for an ACC title comes from another FSU loss.
  20. West Virginia – Geno Smith’s offense went from the uncle that farts on cue to simply a fart.
  21. Texas A&M – The Aggies stood tough against the Gators and the Bayou Bengals, but they’re just not quite there yet.
  22. Boise State – Chris Pete is working wonders with his defense while his quarterback continues to look like a dear in the headlights.
  23. Michigan – As long as they don’t play a good team, the Wolverines are pretty good…
  24. Ohio – This year’s Non-AQ team with the best shot of breaking the BCS. The win over Penn State at home is looking better and better.
  25. Texas – They’re not the best team, but they’ve been able to put up points on everyone not named Oklahoma.

As always, feel free to debate and rant in the comments section. Have a good week!

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