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Matthew’s Top Five Fantasy Football Players

Good afternoon everyone!  My name is Matt and I have been a fantasy player for years.  I have had good years and my bad years.  I am like David Hasslehoff.  Some years I am running on the beach with Pam Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth and other years I am praying that the crunch in my Hamburger is not an old toe nail from the kitchen floor.  New fantasy football players often fall into two categories.  There are the fans and the Madden players.  The fans will always pick players from their favorite teams.  I was in a league one time where the newbie picked Josh Morgan of the 49ers in the first round.  Then there are the Madden players.  I like to call them the “Turduckens.”  They have been playing Madden for a while and they are very good at it.  They have won the Super Bowl with Alex Smith, Jamarcus Russel and Cold McCoy as their QB’s and they believe they can do the same in Fantasy.  I regret to inform you that I fell into that category.  The first year I played my two QB’s were JP Losman and Kyle Boller.  It’s a good thing I was able to get Drew Bledsoe off the waiver wire that year.  I want to make sure you are all prepared for your drafts, so let’s go through my top five players and a sleeper pick for the year.

Aaron Rodgers – I am not surprising anyone here with this pick.  He is the last of a generation; a generation where you could be drafted in the first round and given the chance to learn the position.  The Packers were injured last year and they still had a good year!  They are getting healthier so he will have another big year.  Also this is the decade of the QB.  The QB numbers the past few years are higher than the Wayans brothers when they wrote “Don’t Be a Menace to the South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.”

Tom Brady – Once again the QB numbers are really high.  Plus Josh McDaniels is back on the Patriots so their offense will improve.  (I know, who would have thought they could get any better!)  Also, Brandon Lloyd and Josh McDaniels have worked well together in the past and now they have the added benefit of having Belichick and Brady on their team.

Maurice Jones Drew – I know what you are thinking.  “He has no offense around him.”  That is true and I normally stay away from players who are the backbone of their teams, but he has never had a great offense around him.  That does not stop him from those big numbers.  Nothing has changed for him.  Blain Gabbert will struggle, Blackmon will do well when Gabbert can get him the ball.  However, MJD will catch the ball and run the ball and put up big numbers.  He is like the cast of “Family Ties.”  Can you name anyone besides Michael J Fox?

Calvin Johnson – His name is Megatron, how could you not want him on your team.  I used a keeper spot for him in one of my leagues.  He and Matthew Stafford have good communication with each other.  They work well together and have put up big numbers.  Plus he now has a potential threat across the field in Titus Young.  That might mean he gets a few less double teams.

Sebastian Janikowski – Ok, I am just joking about that.  Don’t take a kicker till the last round!!

Chris Johnson – Guess who did not hold out this year?  Guess who has an old QB on their team that is looking to end his career on a high note?  Guess who also has a young QB on his team that is looking to prove himself.  Guess who is healthy and still really good.  That is right folks I see Chris Johnson having a big year.

Sleeper Pick – Brandon Lloyd – I already talked about him a bit up in the Tom Brady section.  Josh McDaniels made Brandon Lloyd relevant in Denver and they had Kyle Orton as their QB.  Tom Brady is not Kyle Orton!  He is a good possession receiver and Tom Brady likes people who are reliable.

These are my opinions on Fantasy football.  Remember Fantasy football is supposed to be fun.  Even when I had JP Losman and Kyle Boller on my team I had fun.  Enjoy yourselves and watch the waiver wire!

Okole Maluna

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