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Brian’s Family Guy Drinking Rules

If you’re a fan of this blog, you’ve no doubt participated in a drinking movie or two during your day. As a special duty (giggity) to the Hour of Power Show, our friend Brian has given us his rules for drinking to the television show, Family Guy.

If any of the following happens, drink once per occurrence:

  • Any time Peter has a flashback.
  • If Stewie attempts to kill Lois or threatens to do so.
  • Meg is made fun of.
  • Brian does or promotes marijuana.
  • Brian does stereotypical dog things.
  • Quagmire says giggity.
  • Joe gets amped about something.
  • Bonnie or Loretta appear in a scene.

Drink five times every time these things happen:

  • Evil monkey appears.
  • Herbert gets homoerotic around Chris.

Finish your drink when these awesomeness happens:

  • Chicken fights.
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