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Matthew’s Fantasy Football Introduction

I have been playing fantasy football for many years now.  I started back in the summer of 2003 and I have many championships on my resume.  Now, I do not want you to think I am bragging about that fact, some of the leagues I have won have been small and others are filled with unskilled players.  But there was a time we were all unskilled players.  I remember my number 1 overall draft pick in my first league was Kyle Boller.  Yes KYLE BOLLER.  In 2003 he only played in 11 games and had only 117 competitions.  Only 7 of those completions were for touchdowns while 9 of them were interceptions.  However, I believe I had a small learning curve.  I quickly learned the importance of the QB position and the waiver wire.  After week 1 I picked up Drew Bledsoe.  He played in all 16 games going for 2,860 yards 11 TD and 12 INTs.  Now those “stellar” numbers did not equal a win for me that year but I believe that I made the playoffs.  I learned a lot that first year and I learn more every year.

Fantasy Football is a game that changes every year.  Back in 2003 the standard strategy was to take a RB with your first and second picks.  Why?  RB’s were the most consistent scorers.  When a RB was good, he could carry you into the playoffs.  Now it is 2012 and the league is different.  Almost every team has a good RB and a good back up.  Sometimes the backup will outscore the starter!  Now the most desired position is QB.  The NFL is a QB run league now.  QB’s are putting up video game type numbers now.  Dan Marino’s record for most passing yards stood for many years.  Then in 2 weeks he saw Drew Brees and Tom Brady beat that record.  So grab your QB early!!  If you do not get one of the top 10, you will be looking all year to replace that production.

Here are some interesting facts for you.  (This will lead up to my second piece of advice.)  Do you know who had the Third most receptions last year?  Jimmy Graham.  Do you know who was 5 and 8 on that list?  (That is a rhetorical question, don’t start Googling the answer just yet)  Rob Gronkowski and Brandon Pettigrew, respectfully.  That is very interesting.  (But what if I don’t get a point per reception?)  Good question, me.  In receiving yards, Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham were number 6 and 7 in the league.  In receiving TD’s Gronk was first, while Jimmy 6 TD’s behind in 5th place.  Do you know what these players have in common?  They are all tight ends.  Get a tight end early.  WR’s and RB’s are a dime a dozen.  You can get good ones in later rounds, but good QB’s and TE’s are harder to find.

In my next article I will be talking about the best ways to draft other players for the year.

I will end this article with the two most important pieces of advice.  Number one, make sure you read your leagues rules.  Not every league is the same, so know what wins.  Number two, and I cannot stress this enough,  HAVE FUN!  You are not going to go from your couch to sitting next to Matthew Berry on ESPN.  Robert Kraft is not going to call you after a great fantasy year and ask you to join the Patriots as General Manager.  CALM THE F**K DOWN!!  Relax and enjoy yourself.

Until next time Okole Maluna

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